Couples Counseling

Did you search for a ‘licensed psychologist near me’ in the Tampa, FL area? Look no further than Dr. Leslie A Rainaldi - licensed psychologist. I work with people of all ages including children and adults. Whether you suffer from depression or just need help to navigate the curveballs life throws at you, I can help.

I specialize in individual and couples counseling. I help couples strengthen their marriage, work through issues, or figure out what their next step should be. I am caring, respectful, and most importantly, interested in helping you figure out what you where you want to go in life. I know life can be filled with ups and downs, but, I also know that it’s how you handle those obstacles that determine your happiness in life.

When you attend counseling sessions with me, you’ll learn to manage your depression or constantly shifting moods. You’ll also learn how to process your feelings and use them to help you do great things. It’s so easy to let life drag you down, but what good will that do you? That’s why I’m here, to help my patients in the Tampa area understand how to make the best of any situation and move forward with their lives.

I love to provide couples counseling, helping my patients learn to handle frustrating with one another in a positive way. What good does it do if you constantly bicker at one another or conflict over one another’s habits? I will sit down with you and help you see the importance of communicating and helping one another rather than living a life of negativity.

Whether you have a child that needs individual therapy or you seek couples therapy, I am the ‘licensed psychologist near me’ that you search for.

Visit my website at and make yourself an appointment. Together we can help you live a life filled with happiness and excitement.