Anxiety and Depression

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression? Maybe you lost a loved one and cannot figure out how to move on in life. Whatever you suffer from I can help. I am Dr. Leslie A Rainaldi - licensed psychologist. I work in the Tampa, FL area and help people of all ages figure out how to handle their lives in a positive manner.

Whether you have a diagnosis of anxiety and depression or you just feel like something is ‘off’, I can help. Together we can work on a plan that will allow you to live a life of peace and happiness. No one likes to live in fear of their feelings. That’s why I am here to help you figure them out and how to handle them in the most positive way possible in Tampa.

Not everyone handles grief the same way. I offer loss and grief counseling to people of all ages. Whether you lost an elderly parent, a child, or an unborn baby, I can help you process your feelings and move forward. Grief counseling doesn’t make you ‘forget’ about your loss; it just helps you learn how to incorporate it into your life and move forward. Chances are that your loved one would not want you to live in misery, but you may need some help to get out of that funk that you are in at the moment.

You can trust that I work under the strictest confidence. Anything that we talk about during your loss and grief counseling sessions remains between you and me. You can come on your own, or as a couple or even an entire family. I am here to help everyone understand the process of grief and how you can best manage it in your life.

Feel free to visit me online at and schedule an appointment today. If you would rather talk to me in person, call me and we will figure out a time that works best for you.